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He remains unclean as long as he has the disease,
And must live outside the camp, away from others.
- Lev 13:46

From whence comes this swelling,
This unwelcome, unannounced guest?
Maybe today and gone tomorrow?
But to the elder I must go,
He shall examine it and make his diagnosis.
For six days I am isolated – come the seventh I am checked.
The swelling’s increased, it’s being spread – dreaded skin disease.
Damned am I, accursed be the one who looks on me.
No longer do I belong to my people,
Thrown out to suffer alone.
Clothes torn and hair uncut.

But who are you who approach me?
I cover my lower lip and cry ‘unclean, unclean’
You hear and still you approach.
Poorer than poor, yet much richer;
One of wealth – though you have none.
Only one thing you can give me – and so I beg thee,
‘Please sir, if you want – heal me …’ 

He was sent unto us, so that we may be healed ... 

Merry Christmas everybody. God bless.

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