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Third World

Why did they invent the cog?
Why are we clad in this oil?
Standing behind a machine?
Bleeding in sweat and in toil. 

Why are we assembling and fixing?
Will this give us a crumb or a drop?
If we are not putting parts together,
Why are we holding a mop? 

Why is there first world and third world?
Why are there classes and castes?
Why are we planning the future,
When we live in the debt of the past?


On this day, in the year 1952, French demographer, anthropologist and historian Alfred Sauvy, in an article published in the French magazine L'Observateur, coined the term 'Third World', referring to countries that were unaligned with either the Communist Soviet bloc (Second World) or the Capitalist NATO bloc (First World) during the Cold War. This is five years after India declared its Independence.
Because many of these 'Third World' countries were former Imperial colonies (like India), they no longer had the support of their colonizers, and hence had to start developing on its own - therefore the term 'developing country'. These countries, including ours, are still 'developing' as we try to reach the benchmark set by the 'First World'. 

Writing this while in the IT capital of India, seems rather strange - especially when we're developing at an immense rate; but is it being noticed? Is the fact that almost every Fortune 500 company outsources their customer relations and tech support to India being overlooked? Is the fact that we create cutting edge technology, and advances in the field of medicine and engineering being ignored? Or is it just shadowed by the corruption that eats at this country, and the state that people are in when they are forced to slave to make ends meet, in conditions that will kill them before starvation does. We can talk about it, write about it, hold rallies and protests about it, sing songs about it - maybe even run campaigns about it; but the question still remains - what are we trying to prove, and to who, when we can't even treat our own countrymen with respect and nondiscrimination? 

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