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Song of Eddie

A great foreboding shrouds me,
And darkness hides the light;
Demons dance around me,
As I stand here in the night.
Paralysed and speechless,
He suddenly appears;
Robed in spirits flaming,
He looks at me and sneers.

He had a smile across his face,
A crooked blackened line;
He looked into my eyes and said,
“Your wicked soul is mine.”
He handed me the pistol,
The purpose it was clear;
He did not make me do it,
I hit the pin in fear.

It must have been 2006 or 2007, when I was sitting in church attending Sunday mass in Konkani (the regional language of Goa - where I live), and I had no idea what was going on. Not in some philosophical way wherein the homily made me question my existence, no. I just didn't understand Konkani - and I still don't. But I was sitting there nonetheless, blanking out, when out of nowhere, I started having a vision; a vision that was clearer than the sermon in the background. I could see what appeared to be a ghoul, a monster, scarred and bloodied, ravaging everything in its path. It did not appear random, the actions of this fiend who bore a striking resemblance to Eddie - the mascot of famous metal band Iron Maiden were methodical. He (or it) appeared to be making a bee-line for me - like it wanted to devour me, and after having done so, be satiated. Yet when he reached me, and as I stood there motionless, he handed me a gun, and smiled at me. It's like he knew what I wanted. What I desired - in my heart. But I wasn't ready. Now was not the time - or was it? He seemed to know better, but I was afraid. There was kind approval in his eyes, like he was giving me everything I ever wanted, and all I had to do was pull the trigger. And even though I was afraid, I trusted him. Like a strange flash of Stockholm Syndrome came over me and I did it - I pulled that trigger. And the bells began to toll. 

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