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In the spirit of love, you enveloped my heart
And you gave me the wings of a bird;
You dusted the scrolls, and wrote out my past
In the words of a song never heard.

A journey that spanned two decades and five
Was a journey to discover my own;
To start at the end, and go back to the start
Just to find I was never alone.

Before time had a name, and a number to count
When the heavens were part of this land;
We played in the light of spirits divine
And you never let go of my hand ...

Till our worlds were divided, and our bodies got lost
Somewhere between present and past;
Yet we clung to a truth we believed in, knowing
We would find each other at last.

So here we are now, lost souls that were one
Reunited like once long ago;
A bond so strong, forged in fire by the Gods
For a year, and for centuries more.

Thank you ... for a beautiful year. I love you.

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