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Of Flames and Frames

Life leaving bodies,
Souls leaving earth;
The wind takes them swiftly
Away from their birth.
The clouds are all scattered,
No sun in the skies;
An old father laughs,
While a young mother cries.

Shadows they dance
To the tune of the flames,
Like a movie through tattered
Old celluloid frames;
And as the light dawns
Upon innocent eyes,
The young mother smiles
While the old father dies.

Everyday, life leaves this world and enters the next, and somewhere, there is life coming in. I often wonder, as they make this transition, do they meet? Is there a chance for warning - premonition? But most of all,  is there a second chance for us to return with someone - back into the world from which we left? Sometimes we meet people with whom we connect and bond instantaneously through similar likes, dislikes ... soul mates if you will. Did we know these people before? Were we friends? Siblings? Lovers? When I leave  this world, can I hitch a ride back through the living and finish what i started? Or does it all end when my eyes close and my heart stops?

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