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God Of Our Fathers

‘they also serve who only stands and waits’
- ‘On His Blindness’ by John Milton

Kneel before me, cover your head;
Take off your shoes.
Ashen your face, beat your breasts;
Mourn, repentance for your sins.
Heed commandments, fast and pray;
Sacrifice burnt offerings – dead animals.
Rest one day, work six.
Die, acceptance of your life.

I remember doing the poem 'On His Blindness' when I was in college - a great poem by John Milton which is so profound, it got me thinking. We all have our own perception of God, and it has changed over the centuries and through generations. Old Testament, New Testament, Atheist, Agnostic; yet this is my profession - 'they also serve who only stands and waits' to quote Milton again. If we do what we were put here on earth to do - you may call it the will of God or moral obligation, whatever. If you firmly believe that all you are meant to do on this planet in this life time is to merely stand - wait, then you too serve the higher power. This is what I believe.

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