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Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves return to their roots
- Chinese proverb

Crumble under my foot
Dried leaf, fallen to the ground.
Autumn has left you lifeless;
Brown like the bark of which you grow.
In your prime you blossomed
Bright, green – alive.
But bring new pleasure to little ones,
Crumbling and crackling under little feet.

In a place like Bangalore, it's difficult to experience that transition from Summer to Autumn - then again I guess that's how it is in most parts of India. I sometimes wish I was in a place where I could observe the changes in seasons, as the colours gradually change from green to yellow to brown - then cease to exist before it is green again.
I remember writing this one when I was in college in Goa, sitting under a tree and watching boys and girls go by jumping through the dried leaves that had fallen from that very tree that I was under. I'm not one to write about nature, but I guess there's  a first time for everything ... 

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