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Resurrection - Now available in paperback

I am super excited to announce that Resurrection is finally available in paperback in select markets, exclusively on Amazon.

Thanks to Amazon publishing, Resurrection is now available in all formats in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. Unfortunately, however, it will still be a while before the paperback version is available in India - but I'm working on it.

In the meantime, to all my friends, family, enemies and acquaintances across the world, it would make me the happiest writer if you would consider buying a copy for yourself or someone you love.

Resurrection has been a labour of love that was started somewhere in 2015, and features 50 poems about love and loss that I have written over the last 15 years. Thank you to everyone who has been with me and supported me through this incredible journey - especially my beautiful wife and my forever love, Sheraline. Thank you for inspiring me every day. I love you.

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