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The Jew

The tree was planted firmly
And accompanied by two;
The three all hung together
In the middle was the Jew.
All had a crime committed
But none of them the same;
One had robbed, another killed,
Another said his name.

They had a common father,
Two would soon return;
One would then come back again,
For the other did not learn.

And by the double flowing stream,
Where lepers healed their sores;
A branch hung low of heavy load,
While silver closed the door...

Pain ... suffering ... eternal sacrifice. Does it make a difference today? In the call for purity, there have been two approaches so far - one of devastation, and one of forgiveness. At a time when evil was rampant and nothing imaginable could cleanse that 'dammn'd spot', He decided to flood the world and save but a handful ... It wasn't long however before error became a way of life, and the decision was made; but this time it would be different. This time it was 'my life, not theirs' - but did it make a difference?
Even in death, there was ridicule, ungratefulness, shame and betrayal. All that's left now is to wait for the third coming - the third element; the final cure to end all this disease ... 'Will we return?' No one knows the answer better than you.
The water will dissolve us, the fire will absolve us, the air will purify us, the earth will make us whole ...

This one is for Vivien.

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