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I am ...

I am your neighbour, I am your friend,
I deliver your pizza, I live round the bend.
I am your classmate, I am the nerd,
I eat in the canteen, I rescued a bird.
I am your doctor, I am your bro,
I clear your cheques, I open your door.
I work at your office, I beg on your street,
I travel on buses, I prepare your meat.
I am your teacher, I play the guitar,
I wear blue jeans, I borrow your car.
You see me everywhere, you think I’m a fraud,
Yet I am in everything, for I am … your God.

Agnostic - a word I hear often. A lot of people would like to believe in 'a higher power', yet there are few who would like to acknowledge that this higher power has a name. It's all a matter of belief really, after all 'religion is the opium of the masses' - a method or means of control.
I call him Jesus, you may call call him Allah, Krishna, Buddha - or just God. If you acknowledge the 'higher power', then the question is not 'who', but 'what'? What is 'God'? A person, a force, an energy, a being - an animal? What if you and I were God? "I have made you in my own image and likeness" he said ... What if I were God? What if I had the power to move mountains, walk on water or rise from the dead? I've seen people walk on burning coals, pierce themselves through and through - even stop breathing long enough to be determined dead. Are they ... Gods? Or are they  just channels for something greater than them?

What do you believe? Are you leader, or disciple? Do you define fate, or do you let fate define you? Do have the will and the power to be ... God?

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