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Final Note

Today at 3 o’clock I’ll die,
I’ll say my last goodbyes.
I’ll go to a place I’ve never seen,
You don’t have to grieve or cry.

Today I’ll leave the world behind,
You will all be free of me;
If I hurt you, you may choose to forgive,
Or you can just let it be.

Today I’ll fly into the sky,
And all will be okay.
I close my eyes with hope for now,
That maybe I’ll see you some day.

I read about it, I hear about it ... and sometimes I wonder if people really do leave notes behind before they commit suicide; because if so, that's probably one of the bravest things to do. In writing something like that, you confirm that you are giving up your life, thinking about it seriously - serious enough to sit down and put pen to paper. It's like getting engaged before you get married, but in this story, there's no happy ending ... or is there?

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