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Das Kapital

Stay alert comrade, keep watch.
Your time draws near.
Watch how the Capitalist depend on the Bourgeoisie.
But who do the Bourgeoisie depend on?
You, the Proletariat. You are under their thumb.
They extract from you to serve them.
Be crushed no longer.
Rise up in rebellion.
Take over the Bourgeoisie and their shops.
Steal from the capitalist what belongs to you.
Live together in one community – one commune,
Work together for the same profit.
There is no great, no less.
All men are equal. All men are one.
Help your comrade, and your comrade will help you.
All men for each other, no god at all.

I've always felt that the concept of Communism was workable. Somehow it fell flat. The idea of equality of all people. Personally, I feel the broad sense of Communism is in all of us. If we can find it in us to be civil to our fellow man, then the propagation of such ideology starts and ends with us. Leaders need to know that they are not the be all and end all and merely someone to look up to. Everybody has a part to play in society, and as long as we keep the well being of our fellow man in mind - regardless of race, colour, culture, gender, age or religion; we'll all be just fine.

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