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Is my colour an offence to you?
Do I leave a stain as I touch your white hand?
Is the blood that flows in my veins
black and not red?
Have I no right to live in this land?

Am I any less human than you?
Am I an animal with no mind?
Am I violent without reason,
do I attack without being provoked?
As a human, is there any difference to find?

Do I smile any different than you do?
When I speak, do you not understand?
Then why do you run away,
or avoid any confrontation?
Why do you refuse to shake my hand?

Whether we like it or not, it still exists - feeding on the roots of this world. I was taught in a multi-cultural school so colour didn't make a difference. I remember writing this in the back of Lit class in College - we were doing 'Cry The Beloved Country' at the time - a beautiful novel about aparthied in South Africa, and as our teacher went on explaining it, it just kept hitting deeper and deeper and so I had to write about it. I strongly believe that our generation is the one that can eradicate this evil. Then we can work on AIDS and the like. Some things kill faster than disease - racism is definitely one of them.

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